UHPWJ: The long-term corrosion solution

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 10 Jan 2017   Posted by admin

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IAS Group


IN recent times, our industry has experienced a host of unique coating, corrosion and production readiness challenges during the construction of large scale oil and gas projects, with the volume of infrastructure completed within such a short period of our history being nothing short of phenomenal.


Critical project hardware however, built rapidly under challenging conditions, has driven demand for Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (UHPWJ) throughout hook-up, commissioning and ongoing maintenance to new heights.

In anticipation of multiple large scale greenfields commissioning opportunities and associated long-term maintenance requirements, local West Australian outfit IAS Group merged with UHPWJ specialist Jetcut to harness 20-plus years of UHPWJ technology, innovation and IP.

Combining this experience with many long-term OEM relationships, IAS Group is geared to deliver superior results using UHPWJ, and to perform above and beyond industry norms with regards to safety.

Safety performance associated with IAS Group deployed UHPWJ systems starts with exceptional personnel training and development within a process that strives to locate the operator entirely out of harm’s way.

This is achieved through investment in engineering and automated UHPWJ Tooling systems with deployment options that incorporate maximum possible separation between the technicians and potentially hazardous work fronts.

IAS Group tooling systems also incorporate advanced, automated safety shut-off systems. In-house UHPWJ Engineering not only elevates safety standards but also delivers productivity benefits of up to 2.5 times better than common alternatives, with surface finishes that facilitate the highest quality long term corrosion management across a wide range of applications.


“Our UHPWJ service offering has the potential to deliver game changing cost reductions to corrosion mitigation, maintenance and decommissioning for the O&G industry onshore, offshore and subsea.”


Repeated proof of IAS Group’s safety performance and exceptional productivity has been seen across recently delivered greenfield projects including; coatings and corrosion consulting, coating removal (including removal of high build coatings i.e. high build epoxy, FBE, CTE, AE, PFP and concrete) and industrial preparation on facility decks, walkways, helidecks, process decks, stainless steel decontamination and passivation, high pressure platform wash downs, tank cleaning, and internal & external pipe cleaning.


Before and after UHPWJ deck remediation and coating.


IAS Group UHPWJ offers the added benefit of full vacuum and waste recovery and can include filtration and treatment of waste water. Typically, this solution is used for work over water and in sensitive marine environments.

UHPWJ eliminates the need for chemical processes and related disposal issues which allows for greater control over corrosion removal and is safer for the environment.

UHPWJ systems can be precisely controlled to deliver highly repeatable surface finish results that effectively eliminate existing corrosion.

In doing so, it creates ideal conditions for the application of a range of IAS Group protection coatings to deliver long term anti-corrosion stability to the underlying material.

Quality control of surface preparation is fundamental to the longevity of coatings.

NACE International research states that “approximately 75 per cent of all premature coating failures are caused either completely or in part by inadequate or improper surface preparation”.

As such, it is imperative to select the right contractor with proven technical expertise, access to world class technology and in-house engineered solutions to achieve extensive savings in time, cost and rework during construction and throughout the life of the asset.

In March this year, IAS Group embarked on an expansion of its subsea capability by taking its long-term UHPWJ expertise to greater subsea depths to solve complex challenges facing our industry today.

This involved significant investment into a unique and purpose-built hydrostatic test chamber capable of running UHPWJ testing under simulated subsea operating conditions to a depth of 1,500 metres.

This investment was made to allow clients to witness the unequivocal benefits of UHPWJ performance in subsea applications spanning the fields of; wellhead severance, rock-to-rock well abandonment, pipeline coating removal, platform abandonment and marine growth removal.



“Our UHPWJ based suite of services has the potential to deliver game changing cost reductions where corrosion mitigation, maintenance and decommissioning services are concerned. With a focus on IP, we have shifted UHPWJ into an innovations-driven offering that safely and economically delivers results that overcome significant challenges currently faced by our industry,” IAS Group chief executive Michael Mansell said.

“Our small, agile and expert teams, backed by experienced in-house Engineering support, constantly strive to breakthrough and go beyond what has been achieved globally to date.”

IAS Group has secured significant investment to further develop its range of remotely deployed UHPWJ services for delivery to industry, with development underpinned by exacting safety requirements and a goal to deliver significant productivity benefits to clients.

With UHPWJ being a proven and preferred technology to address a wide range of corrosion, coating removal, industrial cleaning and cold cutting challenges, it is important to engage service providers who have retained long-term highly trained supervisors and technicians with a thorough understanding of UHPWJ equipment, effective application techniques and risks to be managed in practice.

A track record of successfully completing multiple complex UHPWJ scopes without delays, quality issues or harm to people or the environment is the best indicator of a quality service provider that is committed to delivering excellence in UHPWJ services.

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